i remember

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I remember, I remember, The beach, blue and green, The shells, and the seagulls, The sand the burned the soles of my feet Who still are greedy and mean!
I remember going to the shelves of stuffed animals, large and small. But how was a two year-old supposed to reach up the wall? I remember blood, dripping and red,
                                         I Remember I can’t seem to figure out If its’s my name
I remember when we first spoke. It was summer. You liked writing. It was sunlight and warmth and laughter, and heroes, courage, daydreams. I liked you. I remember when we first dated.
I remeber when I was about 6 years old. I hit my forehead at the edge of a glass table it started bleeding and it left a scar. I remember my little sister crying and me telling her it will be okay.
I remember the first house I lived in. It was white with green shutters and chipped paint. The door was an off purple that, from a distance, appeared to be forest green, but, up close, was actually blue.
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