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A small grey squirrel, Twitches his great, bushy tail, Then bounces away.  
Hunting, stalking Silent anticipation Waiting, watching Obsessive fixation   Remember last time In the yard The intruder got away   Not again This time we win
Today I saw a squirrel  and I named it Peanut. I don't know why: he just looked like a Peanut, as in the name and not the food.   He was squat and round, grey whiskers poking out across
  Rowdy Free and fluffy Naughty little nuisance Blissfully bounding through the boughs Spry squirrels  
I am ADHD Can't you see I am here I am weird I am loud I am proud I have racing thoughts I have lots and lots I talk and talk I walk and walk I can't sit still
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