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Running through the gate  Fast as I can   Horse went to buckin  Tried to ride her out Could not hang on  I was bucked down    Nocked out black  Foced to get back on 
Do you know what the thing about belt buckles is? Oh, I know for sure, about that belt sellin’ biz.  You see, when they give you your buckle, For showin’ a steer, or for a first place homemakin’
I remember you well;Your hazel eyes and all.They burned with a rich fire,I'm dying to recall. You used to hold me tight,In your arms safe and sure.You'd caress my wild hair,Then a kiss would occur.
Glass coke bottles, suntanned skin Dust, stingin’ sweat, breathe out and in Cracklin suspense, wide worried eyes One, two the slow one dies   Three, four, kickin up dust,
I saw you Cowboy hat Wrangler jeans Boots and spurs Button up shirt Dark hair Light eyes yeah you bet I saw you I held my breath  Closed my eyes And tried so hard
Not everyone understands the little blue feather, the amount of hope that feather can bring, it is more than just an accesory tucked in a hat, that little blue feather represents hope,
Boots scuffle and kick the dirt. Big bulls snort in anicipation.
They said " mama's dont let your babies grow up to be cowboy 
Let me ride off into the sunset like a cowboy with a bottle of jack my guns and the sunsetting   you want me to fight for you? you want me to call you non-stop? Girl you know how I feel
As the sun started its steady descent He sat there rocking on his swing He listened to the birds chirp And there he quietly began to sing   He sang about the soft blue skies
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