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  The trees they sway. The wind convey, Their branches all a ’swinging. The breeze can whisper, Make you shiver, On feathery wisps a ’winging.   The wind grows louder,
Oh look at the trees the leaves fall every day the trees dont blink an eye leaves are meant to be this way   So why do we care about the words someone might say about the look of a stare
 Everyone is a poet at heart,  They come up with brilliant ideas Only to be shut down by a wired minded society. Your brilliance stands out among all of these plastic molded people Darling, Don't be discouraged  YOU, Your ideas, Are what we need i
Did you see the Fire dancing light likeSunbeams and ants we All are taken little by Little did we Know that everything happens For a reason you doNot remember Those icy frozen days and 
The world spun as I drove into the sunrise. Past the the piercing dot of orange light, Ants drove around in their cars going nowhere Doing nothing for no one. I watched the sun rise over the ants on the right.
Inspired by the piece "Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalì   Unicorns have an eon long feud with leprechauns –- a war of misconceptions. Some believe that leprechauns are a miniscule threat.
We are the greatest experiment We are a bio experiment We are a social experiment  We are a addaptation experiment  We are ants  And God is the twelve year old with a magnifying glass
What I wouldn’t give for a camera to freeze this moment forever and always. To show people the richness of the soil; how it clumps together - dark, shifting,
  In school it's true, we must all wear pants. It is with that I don't disagree, but it is on whether or not the pants allow us to dance. In my school pants can reach the floor.
The Rain It Falls. Those Cannonballs Exploding Upon The Ground.   Destruction   Our Home It Crumbles. My Sisters They Drown. The Life of an Ant  
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