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never look down just close your eyes you know nothing matters. through the mask of your lies. are you a robot? a corpse, or a shell? then how do you know? how to act alive so well?
They told me I was too fat, so I changed a little.They told me I was too stupid, so I changed a little. They told me I was too ugly, so I changed a little.
A robot with a human heart Watches the stars, for her love to come From the heavens he shall come, And take her away, From the robot she calls home. Each night as she watches the stars from her metal cage
Thy desolate land cannot contain, the phenomenon of which is so mundane; And yet from each eternal ray of light, thou continues to amaze with everything right.   A glimmer, a response, none without; the true light within.
1. Mechcanical man Rundown machine still has use Broken as I am   2. Living piece of night Inky slinky shadow cat From the darkness, purr   3. Colors of life, gone
  Oil drips down, down My quivering lips Eyes shift in an awkward silence A breath arrives Pushing my gears My wiring working once more
Left or Right? Up or Down? Black or White? The switch is found   Life or Death? Give or Take? Crack or Meth? Lose the fake
From the outside Just another robot Going through the motions Stuck behind this curtain Afraid to pull it back   I take a look around At all the other robots Going through the motions
I know I should be working I know that it's just "right" Not relying on welfare checks
I exist only on the brink of unsure,
Gently Blowing in the Wind, Unheard. Sweeping Through Time, Unseen. Going Along with the Day, Unknown.
Try Teach me how to derive An equation for what it means to be alive Can’t See, there’s no secant line From where I am to the future I have in mind Say, What does it mean to be right?
I've been blessed. Parents willing to live poorly if that means an education for me. Parents willing to brush toilets if that means an education for me. Yet, you, the one with the PhD, can't provide.
I'm only one out of 7 billion. My home is round and weighs more than a million.   I'm courageous and insecure, I'm a mess, a beautiful one for sure. I'm overly positive and negative at the same time,
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