a memory of yesterday

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Yesterday was once a dream, A memory of you,  just foreign gleam. When looking into your eyes after all this time, Like nothing has passed us by.
A smile burnt into your heart, Your mind, your memory. It takes millions of years To wash away a burn, To refresh your flesh, To ignite the dimmed light. A smile can quake your world,
I remember the first weekend we were on campus and how scared I was. You told me that despite the town being sketchy that campus was quite safe. I remember you coming over to help me finish up an assignment
A cloud in my mind, like that you would see on a gentle summer day. Twisting,turning,changing each moment a new thought more entrancing then the last Simple though like the memory's of a child .
I remember Way back when You and I first became friends Life was just a play pretend For you and I, there was no end Subtle, sudden, stupid, trouble
His encounter withlife was so brief, but compelling As the sun warmed and radiates heat tothe waters hewas gone A mist evaporatinginto thin air
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