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Why do we love? Sometimes it feels like it’s pointless Love to be hurt Then why do we start?   We start to feel it That same joyous feeling
And the World Ended the cycle is over and will begin anew with differnt players on a differnt stage telling the same story of sorow and of joy endings and begenings  but its alright
Today is the day The day to begin To begin a new life A new life full of love Love that will be shared Be shared to those around To those around who may have lost
You're not what you've done All of the mistakes The heartache The tears The pain that tries to tear you apart That's all gone Done You are how you oercome You are strong
A new day A new mornig A new breath A new beginning   Yesterday is behind you Laugh at its mistakes Tomorrow is beyond you Smile at its mysteries Today is yours for the taking
To begin agian to live agian, to see the light at the end its all what is scene becouse its all that has been repeated agian tell the end.  
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