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One mid-day in the bleak september,A day that would be one to remember,The world was ending in an allocation of horrid war---The sounds were surrounding, my heart was intensly pounding
Drear behind, sunshine ahead Fleet are the feet of Poe. Emma drops down the hem of her gown Her stems curl up beneath her Her face to the skies, filling her eyes Warm and wet, they glow.
Sonnets are spoken for through a story.
What I've Learned From Poetry? It's a way to express our pain. Ask a poet, and you'll see, No line is written in vain.   What I've learned from Poetry? Words are meaningful & metaphors, strange.
you must wonder why I'm here to get some money to study with peers to avoid the parties and the beers is the reason i am here   I must be honest i need some cash because my classes I need to pass
Somebody yells Glass hurls into a wall Hands draw up; a half-hearted attempt at a protection that shouldn't be needed.
Poetry to me? Hmm, lemme see I’ve heard of Angelou, Poe, and Abani But something strikes a cord with a pen and bamboo tree Transformed to ink and paper
The day is long, its prospects dreary, and in this state I’m weak and weary. I have no drive and no desire; I need something that will inspire. Of movement and of thoughts I’m leery, yet to my mind there comes a query:
[First published in 1845] Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
Far beyond the evergreen treeDoes the raven fly.High above the mountains tallWhere his harbors lie.
When I was a baby my mommy read me the story of Annabell Lee.
Poetry I just cannot seem to quit. Is their another form that I could do? Dickinson's poetry is not worth shit, And there is nothing that can beat haiku. It sure seems that Robert Frost knows his stuff,
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