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There's a warrior named Sailor Moon, Whose name refers to a grand cartoon. She constantly fights evil, With magic to save people. Afterwards, she sleeps all afternoon.
saturday morning still in bed dreams awakened  
I am from shadows of memories  
Cartwheels never compare Always fry the brain Really are interesting  Take up time Often on in day time 
Nothing is ever what it seems. The end isn’t here yet, But you can see everything crumbling around you, Shattered, battered, tattered.  Gravity is falling— And everything else is falling apart.  
Cartoons are my life. Whether it's anime or comedy It's always been apart of me From Popye to Regular Show I've watched so many  It's apart of my soul A dream it would be to work with them
Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Disney Channel and more Oh Cartoons, I do adore When I was little I learned so much Bubbles, her sweet and gentle touch Blossom was a leader and Buttercup didn’t back down
Darling you left my heart in pieces on the floor So tell me why The inner Machinations of my mind are an enigma Because I saw your face and wow
Yellows, oranges, whites, and greys. He thinks his “masterpiece” deserves so much praise. An egg-shaped eye with a rectangle pupil, And tentacles in two sets of duple.
Wile E. on the hunt to capture Roadey Devising devious schemes To get you here with me Backfiring
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