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I'm proud of myself and I have something to say.I quit smoking last year on the 3rd of May.It was one year ago when I smoked for the last time.When it came to spending money for tobacco, I haven't spent a dime.
For one month, I've been smoke free.31 days ago, I put smoking behind me.God and the nicotine patches have helped me and I'm grateful.And without those patches, the nicotine withdrawal would've made me become hateful.
he wears a too-wide grin as honeydew skin turns crimson freckles spread across his face like stars, his eyebrows try to escape into that carrot red hair laughing, squinting, stumbling to the beat of the soundtrack
You put a hole in my heart from the tip of that burning cigar in your mouth.
In your hand you hold something capable of destroying, something that makes walls yellow. Something that blackens the  pink. Something that makes the green disappear. Something that could tear
Bell rings, Seats screech, sea of scholars rush, doors release us,  sun warms, lungs fill with clean air, then I suffocate on the toxins, the cloud of Nicotine infiltrates my lungs,
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