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Oh how greatly I hate the winter days So long, and cold, and void of all ardor It makes me feel so numb, so very dazed My feelings in disarray and disorder 
A world full of noise, Voices vying for attention.   Girls drenched in makeup, Just one of the playboys.   Busy streets,
Once upon a frigid night,   Amongst the darkness and jovial cheers, There lay a young girl.   Her small hands numb with cold; Her bare feet unfeeling.
To write about happiness is unmarked territory and I wonder what it's like over there. I wonder what it's like to be in love with being alive.   Is it like entertwining my hands
She stood still with fear The fear made her queer It had been over a year Since she last saw her dear. She stood at the exit Reluctant to leave She stood there wishing With a hopeful belief.
As the steps outside are taken from the once pitch black demon eyes garage yellow gazers... The desert UPS package rain clouds like adobe hang above me hazel a tree in a snowy desert
Colors for you
Twinkle,  twinkle, little star How I wonder how you are. Since no one seems to ask if you're alright; Are you okay, will you live to shine another night?   Up above a world you once knew,
It's likeSandInside your handsEventually it will slip out Know nowI'm with you somehowNo matter where you go It's like sandIn the beachUncountableA number out of reach 
The vast hall is Overflowing With bodies, but there's no one here Leaving this Desolate matchmaking arena Until something catches my eye Her   Our love is beyond words Yet still is
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