animal and human equality

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Aware the vacant look of sweet-heart eyes and adoring soul... Remember, past hurts to choose trust before you will forget me...   With the waves of the forgotten,
Flashing lights and carni music, Attract you to the scene. “Animals and freaks for all, Come to see our beasts!” The curtains close and lights dim down,
I come home and you´re there, my faithful dog. I look around at the mess I have made. With you there is no need for dialogue. I look at you and all my problems fade
A bright eyed cat caught up in wires. Never sees the sun Tortured with pliers. Is anyone listening Does anyone care Is animal testing truly fair?   A tiny, white rabbit
What I need comes in many different forms, provided by more than one soul; I need an entity to listen, to care, to make me whole.   I desire someone to hear my cries and respond politely.
Captain Frog “Earth! Save Fire! The Wind! Frogs Water! Heart!
They called you 'primitive' dear friend,
There is a dark place in my mind it gets smaller all the time. Days go by, and I think: Maybe, someday far away that place will grow again.    But then I see a stranger smile.
They're quiet and calm, blending into the waves of the ocean shore. Shells hard and tough like stone. Not intimidating or threatening, just there. There living and roaming. There to make the sand its friend and
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