Alone Alive and Breathing

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My shields broken Someone protect me Cause i feel like I'm targeted by the navy For that I'm drowning from these chains of beliefs That are heavy Don't you get me Don't you miss me
In the middle of a normal day I find everything so out of the way Inside myself I am blank and nill Wondering if I should take a pill. It is outside of time and space This reluctant child without a place
You accepted me when i needed you the most. you let me hold you when i needed you close. nothing but you crossed my mind but now im here, you left me behind. I let you into my heart.
When I am drowning in my problems  And all my responsibilities When I feel the cracking of my bones And can’t fine the air to breathe  All I need  Is some time alone  
Sitting in a deep dark room,A void of blackness surrounds me.The end will come soon,The clouds outside seem eerie. Sitting there thinking,I'm trapped in my mind.My thoughts are sinking,I'm running out of time. My mind is a prison,I see no escape.M
Tear me apart when you're down.I try to lift you up-we fall to the ground.spin circles around the parkthose memories are gone.Where is left? What is right?whats there to fight but my own battle
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