hear me

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I'm just a footprint on the sandAnd the tide is growing nearDuring this time I cannont hearMy cries echoBut linger in the airSuch a fragile commodityI need careBefore I can no longer speak audibly
Yes I've figured it out, Yes I've worked hard, But it would seem that only I am proud, Of my ability to say RAWR!!!!! I scream from the pits, The emotions in my heart. I scream so I won't fall apart.
Inside lives a rage without anger Love without murmurs
LifE  What is life too you?
Presumptuous and regal thrice
Hear ye, Hear ye All who will listen Any who care Hear me, Hear me   Come around, Come around I have something to say If you want to know Stick around, Stick around  
My friend told me silence was the loudest cry, but if I write it down, does that count?  If I scribble it out in jumbled phrases–carve words into my paper and not my skin, this time, does that count? 
I write because when no one hears,my story must be known.They told me to speak lowI spoke of hope,but someone has to speak out.against hateagainst discrimination,but most of all
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