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Their after this brain, they like what it's saying, but they wanna change the name "WeatherMane" to "Zero-Pain" Then I'D gain more riches N Fame N then in the later days when things are no longer the same,
Verse 1) ive got snake eyes, I can barely wait for tonight I'm paranoid praying hat I dont see a satan. i'm impatiently waiting still debatin for this new world nation....
If I get too drunk and catch a case get sprayed with mace all in the face I made them chase   If I'm on the wrong side of the state it is my fate when they come to liquidate  
The key to thee is that of three Know this mastory of three and truely shed thy body and be free Live that of three
Big Brother Risen We the "Citizens" Recognize the signs Longing for power Their only demise Forever at ease Lives they seized No regret returned Their "wealth" earned
Living in amber Rigidly transfixed on them They, the elitists   They have no idea What He and the Devil Portend to reveal   Change consumerism
We arose in a world, Where there is no “I,” It was a symbol of Selfishness, Greed, Power, We are a population, Not a community, As We gaze up into the sky,
it's pitifully amazing how people find another outlet to blame it on for one's failures they blame it on a powerful  demonic external force that swarm people's souls like killer bees
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