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The smile is a lie, a lonely cryMisunderstood perception of the mindThis moonless night no sorrows' death defyBut twisted and undone for fighting blind.
Prescribed with sentience, a mind is furled. The node, like synapse, encased from Deep Blue, Employs emotion, though no form is curled. On flesh, a chain of plugs will here subdue.
you reached within my ribcage and pulled out my whispering heartit beat like the wings of birds again, you beg me to love youbut i am a false aphrodite, a dead deity
Fare thee well, my heart, which I have sundered Ripped from my own chest, ne'er to pain again Oh how it agonized and it thundered When thou left my side and thus followed: rain.
Dig away from all the dissappointment I get lonley in caves all by myself. Thoughts lose everything all in the moment, Scraping nails upon walls, all blood runs high.  
Villus burnished chassis still so lush. Pulchritude soars bound for my sulfur soul. Sets fire inside to the abandoned brush, Waiting to fry sitting on beds of coals.   Yet these beds are only simmering skin,
The maiden walking down the crowded road, Unknown, unlucky vessel for defeat, Not seeing Cupid’s humble, red abode, Is struck within, filling void hearts in heat.
Shall I compare thee to your brilliant self? May your intelligence pray tell more lines? When I see your books sitting on the shelf It reminds me of your wonderful rhymes Sometimes I recall your serious death
When in her eyes and in her fractured voice, The ache hurts even I, who knows no pain, The tears in scarlet eyes, they have no choice But now to fall and mar her face again.
Though spring time fades and petals dim and all man’s efforts wither then Your beauty never shall age old Here in my heart forevermore
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