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Rowan Faine Oh,  what a beautiful name... Dark Brown Skin
I walk down the street, silent and swift Upon my shoulders, a body I lift The blood, still warm, now over me In my eyes silver, is all that I see As the blood covers my eyes
A ruckus I hear, with murderous intent After my life, is now bent In fear I run, from that creature It's face distorted with horrible features A wolf's smile, plated gold Bloodlust within it's heat, so bold
Swiftly, I run down the street To the place where we will meet And in that room, awaits me there A lady in scarlet, with pitch black hair An angel of darkeness, that's what I see
A silent scream echos through the halls I move my knife, a body falls Crimson blood, on my face A grin of joy slowly breaks Here lies he now, on this floor Among the red that I adore
The women come after a day of battle, With myself, of course, the forces inside me endorse me, I yell out of my mind, shouting obscenities,
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