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To get closer to God, we must attend Church and pray.And there are Ten Commandments everybody must obey.We must live the way that Jehovah wants us to live.When we are wronged by people, we must forgive.
Some people think that Jehovah doesn't love them but that's not true.He loves each and every one of us and that includes you.God loves us so much that he knows how many hairs are on our heads.
God is our hero and I love him.He's our only hope in a world that is so grim.We need God now more than we ever have before.God can save us, he's someone we must not ignore.
Praise Jehovah, I'll praise him all the way.I will praise him for the rest of my days.I will praise him until I die and in Heaven as well.When it comes to my devotion to God, I will never bail.
To get on God's good side, we must pray again and again.We must pray and ask Jehovah to wash away our sinsWe must treat everybody like a sister or a brother.We must show Jehovah that we love one another.
Some people plan to praise the Lord when they go to Heaven but they should praise him now.Jehovah deserves our praise and gratitude and if he were in front of me, I would bow.
Jehovah is wonderful and he deserves everybodys trust.But we're not essential to his existence, he doesn't need us.He doesn't need us but he does want us because he's full of love.
God created all life on Earth and that's the defintion of science.God is there for us and we can always count on him for reliance.When I tell you that God is a scientist, I'm not trying to deceive.
I love Jehovah and I'll love him for all of my days.How much do I love him, let me count the ways.1. I love him because he cares.2. I love him because he's fair.3. I love him because he's noble and just.
Some people think that Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in Jesus but we do.They think that we believe that Jesus doesn't exist but that is not true.We believe in Jesus and we believe in his father, the almighty Jehovah too.
Jehovah created the land and the seas.He loves everybody, including you and me.Jehovah's love for us has no bounds.He's a friend who is always around.In a world that has been consumed by violence and greed,
God is his title but Jehovah is his name.When his son returns, people will no longer be sick and the animals will be tame.Jehovah doesn't demand our respect but he does deserve it.
The roads are dark, lost in direction.  No way to turn, my path is lost-- I can’t see, where is the Light?  Turn right, turn left, I do not know?  Wherever I go, I cannot see. My heart pounds, it’s so dark!
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