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Moon turns to meet the sun when the sky turns dark at  night to begin to Change of power in the sky  of the moon that looks  like a big eye out of space.
   The walk that made  my face shack with happy in the eyes of children playing to gather with  Joy for the furture to come.   
Lost I am,  Deep within the wounds, Wounds of situations I wish would end soon, Lost I am, Confused and hopeless, Struggling to find myself in world of "nope-ness" Lost I am, 
I painted a life sized mural in my room. Of a lost soul. I made my own paint it was bright red with specks of brown. I don't care about how The cow jumped over the moon, if ball is really life or why the chicken crossed the road.
Student Leadership Program taught me that I should never let what I'm going through define me ,
In his eyes I am the earth the sun the moon In his eyes I am his present his future his everything In his eyes I am perfection a trophy the one But in my eyes
Love is everything in science love is reproduction in poerty love is tragedy in movies love is fate in childhood love is grotesque in war love is scarce in time love is stronger
This is not a love story, the same old boy meets girls gets boring, and the cliche of the shy and timid getting their true love gets too vivd, in this journey, it's starts with me,
I'm always the type of girl, whose not scared going out without make-up, doesn't care if my hair is a mess, or what others think of me   i know I'm different but who wants to be ordinary,
The first pages seemed so good, my heart was warm from a feeling so new, a different smile, time became worthwhile, number one on my speed dial,
Writing Freedom of Mind and Soul Without it I am caged  I am silent I am nothing With it  I have power I have strength I have leverage I have Life
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