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Eight: Extremities armed for the call of the wild; the hunter marches. Seven: Strings fanning into the damp corners of cardboard castles.
One by one Count as they go There they go You are still here Look at them leave. Now by two by two, Somehow you are still here. Three by three Next, they start to go.
Smile please... Really, to say the truth I don't know what to write.. I'm not a great person like you to impress... I hope there is no gifts for you, other than my few words in this four papers...
F-O-U-R Sissel South
It's time to focus Lehne. Get in the racing mindset. Ports one foot in, and down. I sit and strap in as fast as I can Port oars across. Bow take a stroke. Weigh enough. Focus
You are a plague, a sickniss, a damn fever that won't go away.
I walk in late to class again , but I do not care. The lessons you write up are incomprehenisble,  and Your monotone voice has left me to just stare. My eyes are wide open , but I'm not paying you any attention.
Four walls encroaching on my senses  Four walls rendered me defenseless  Is your imagination in bloom?  Help me paint the walls of this room    Roses finding homes in corpses 
The artificial smiles, the spewing lies, The uninterested lovers, and partners in crime, The "must focus" and pushes as the way to the door, The success of our futures is what we were here for,  
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