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it all began in parallel lines at the centre then a little calculations in the virtual median   proved the proofs during deviations and would be on constant calculations  
Set the alarm to 6:30am. Set foot onto a hushed bus Set to a lonely school desk Set about solving equations (Set against the fact they are "solvable") Set in motion is my future
It’s been 12 yearsOf chores, work and sweat.We didn’t ask for itBut overall it was okay. We meet peopleSome were horribleSome were greatBut overall they were okay.
Am I doomed  To watch the days loom Is reality  What it seems  Am I doomed  To trace the outlines of my dreams    I could spend eternity  Coloring outside the lines 
Congratulations, they said. I’m finally finished, is the thought running through your head. What a journey this has been. I thought I’d be excited, but I’m sad to see it end. Meeting new people, learning new things.
Freshman year, We tried our best, Avoided Seniors, Passed our tests. Hazing came, In various ways, A book check here and there, But we were safe most days.
That look is a look that can be seen a thousand miles. That look changes lives and create smiles. That look flows from a mother's approval to a daughter's heart. That look shows that the girl is smart.
I see the clock counting time, The minutes passing by. tic tock tic tock… The noise in beat with my heart Is it the end of an hour, Or just a new start? Tic tock tic tock…
Change the Setting, The environment I am in now is just a plain turn style sequence of scenes. Memories I have are only forming drab chains around my wrists trying to restrain me.
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