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My depression is like a sweater. Sometimes too big of my problems. But sometimes too tight, where  I find myself grasping for air. No one else can wear it, even if they ask to borrow it.
*/ /*-->*/ The old sweater I hadn't worn in awhile –
  Love is a Sweater,
This sweater of mine is ready for the breezing weather Wraps around me, not light like a feather Golden ball of fire hides behind the fluff Oh, what a wonderful season full of stuff apples, leaves, candy
  A blanket of comfort hanging in the closet. my body longs for the warmth it brings morning after morning. Ordinary in every way, torn in all the right places. I slip it over my head
I was the sweater you put on after Summer, when the weather started to get colder. You were the voice I tuned on my car stereo, every night when I left home.
Sweater vest You are the best You keep my arms cool While warming my chest
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