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Leave a message of a whispered dream, an afterthought In the drawer we use to exchange hellos and forget-me-nots.
I fight a mental battle each and every day. No, it's not what you think. It is more imposterous as such. I believe I am the weakest link in the knight's chain mail armor.
Personas Masks & Facades, surrounded by multitudes, existing in solitude, animated elation & seemingly greener sides a mere mirage!
Sometimes I see her. The girl inside. I see the way she watches me, begging me to let her out. But it has been too long, and she has been hurt so much, that I burried her too deep.   She cries a lot.
I take my skin off, piece by peace Slowly, So I can hang it up —Shiny like glass— And look at the gashes. They are burned deep by fears, Coming so close to the surface
"Be perfect and proper!" "Be quiet and calm!" "Always stay in order!" -That's the idea put in my palm. "Why are you so loud?" "Be more like the crew!" -Forcing me to not be proud
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