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Like emotion and color Time is a lie It puts into perspective Death and Life Black and White Night and Day
Silent, hollow bodies contrived of metals Locked and held within iron cells Venting frustration upon hungry bipedals Steals, steals, steel, but nevel sells One might as well eat some flower petals.
A bundle of pieces; gears take over your heart. No flesh, no bones, just a pile of useless parts. Every morning, first thing, don't forget to press start. Otherwise, you are isolated- God forbid you're set apart.  
Emotions. Pain. It hurts, it hurts. Make it stop. Please, make it stop. Family. Together. Happiness found with each other. Good.   Fighting. Why do we fight?
It is the way each gear ran perfectly, The way the ticks lined up. It was how the metal clashed with me, It couldn’t get enough. Let’s fall, Let’s rise, Then stall, Then surprise.
They know nothing of their own. They know only what they have been told.They know not the freedom I do.  Without Limits. Without Guidelines Without Closed Minds.   I am Myself.
It's so hard for us to operate. We're broken machines. There must be a kink in our wires, or rust in our rings.   Tarnished metal and bent-up parts. You're my tin man and I'm your tin girl.
Hunger, starvation What I wouldn’t give for the sensation Good, bad, any feeling would suffice Or, better yet, to sleep forever would be nice For longer than I care to remember I have been numb
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