' 'recovery' 'mental health' 'self love' 'self hate'

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I feel like I can no longer hide My feelings even though I tried Trying to resurrect The Girl Who once died on the inside Of me.
Looking in the mirror do you like what you see? Is it everything you hoped for, everything you dreamed?   Do you too often look back with regrets,
Woman: an adult female human being. But what is my real definition?  A Mat? A Punching bag? A Nag?  No, No, No What is MY real definition  Creator, Savior. 
I have vilified myself in my own mind. I try to think back, to retrace my circling steps,  to pinpoint precisely the exact moment these
I'm 23... And fortunately, I like being me. I love myself, my immediate and little family of three. Did I feel this way... at 21? Was I ALREADY having this much fun? Or... was I... actually... numb?
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