' 'fear' 'lost' 'alone' 'sad' 'hurt' depressed' 'lonely' done with life

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Blood: Pulsing. Stomach: Lurching. Eyes: Blurring.   Palpitations…   Palpitations…   I know you hate me.
Am I all alone in this world that I tread? Words in my head saying I’m better off dead. Why is it that there’s so much I dread? All the lies I’ve been fed…  
Them : "How are you today?"
There is beauty in the river as it flows The trees whistling in the wind Running, I keep going Why isn't anyone else here? It's only me Why does it just feel so right?
                        ⒹⓄⓅⒶⓂⒾⓃⒺ   For I want the ideal numbness, I covet to live in a world watered down with dopamine.  An unconscious mind suffers better than a distraught one that waits for the right time. 
Feelings are voluntaryIf I don't want to have them, they will stay in the back of my mindReplace the missing space with musicBlast at full volumeDrown it out 
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