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The chemistry of the sky   The sky was dark blue any times!I still remember exactly!   Such a deep and fulfilling blue!I still remember exactly!  
The "small" life   Ants I have admired abound,when I was young.   Clouds I have admired abound,when I was young.   Birds I have admired abound,when I was young.
At the beginning there was...   I feel it in my stomach,others feel it too!   A state of happiness.Time - an endless piece.  
From the beginning to the end   At the beginning was the love.At the end in there was life.   At the beginning was the day.At the end in there was time.  
At the end comes the strength   The end is slowly approaching,That's what a faithful scout told me.   Now it suddenly becomes obvious to me;It is coming suspiciously close to me.
A fork far from all understanding   Like a blossom-white cloud on the horizon that nobody notices...... That's how many people live their time.  
Path of Truth   No one can follow the true path.Everyone will avoid this tough path.   But if one is very old and wise.Then one understands the meaning of the long journey.  
Paths of love   See over there. She wakes up.She have slept and rested for a long time.   Now she is truly strong and pure,so the evil end will be very soon.  
A world so beautiful   The green meadow blossoms to new life.The empty sky forms his artworks.My spirit, it lives. My heart, it trembles.  
Words in full depth...   A few words... They work miracles,They're like tinder for my mind.   A few sentences... with beautiful words,And my heart wants to hoard all love.  
Dancing...   I feel the rhythm,I feel every bass vibrate.My head is completely free,All concerns are far away.  
Change of feelings   I'm gonna open up to the big whole,I don't wanna keep hiding.   I opened up and freed myself,and had suffered a lot of misery.  
Confused...   What comes when something else goes?What's going on if something else is coming?   What passed when something new happens?What happens when something new passed?  
A wish for you   I wish you from the heart;No suffering and no pain.   No sorrow and no misery,and not pleading for happiness.  
A new star on heaven's tent   You left us very early.Many still can not believe it.   You went to another place.Without saying goodbye ... just gone.  
Wordless Love   She's more than a simple word.She is more than a beautiful feeling.She is more than an exciting experience.  
In the spirit   Words that enchant.Ideas that delight.Feelings that seduce.   It is so clear and close.Thoughts must travel.Love must be free.  
Sometimes I wish...   ... I would be a leaf in the wind.And haste from branch to branch.   ... I would be a bird in the air,and scatter my scent everywhere.  
The true power   My mind is now pure and clear.As beautiful as it has not been for a long time.It is powerful and strongly matured.Almost unbending and stiff.  
All Around Teaching   Last night I was in paradise.I felt so good, not bad at all.Then I saw a bright light,I walked towards it, but I didn't touch it.  
I'll be waiting!   Together we hike on many paths,towards true happiness and enlightenment.Without seeing the goal in front of our eyes,we'll try to comprehend it.  
Roulette of life   You are in me and I am in you!And just together we create the "here".   Everything together results in the whole,It ripens and thrives, from seed to plant.  
The loneliness in the communality   Today we are leaving together,It goes in the direction of heaven, up and up.  
Ode to loneliness   Oh my faithful friend where we stand today.I have see it coming for a long time!   With you by my hand,I moved all over the country.  
The leading   The journey begins with the first step.Go, I will accompany you a bit.I'll show you the right way,it leads along a narrow footbridge.  
Carousel of Madness   Everything familiar repeats itself.Old things are just new polarized.   Just a few see the big lie.Even less understand it.  
The way   The road is dark and uneven,but I feel a pleasant warmth.I feel the warmth of a light from afar.I follow this warmth, I follow her far beyond...  
My friend   Only with one in a lifetime I would build shit.Only to this one I would entrust everything!  
Material wealth   I could…  
The "real dream"   I want to live all my dreams!I want to take and give.   It's a wise and mature spirit,which shows me the way towards purpose.  
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