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The smell of sand. The feeling of peace. The edge to cry for absolutely no reason. The cravings...the need to be held.
My heart, Built like a gameboard- Open to all Multiple pieces, multiple players A roll of the dice, A deck of cards. You serve a strong poker face. Unpredictable moves,
The waves flooding back easily yellow ball of energy traveling& transforming from yin to yang A calm ocean so delightful animals dancing in their praise from fin  to fang
This is the tale of man in his boat; So worn, so tattered, barely stayed afloat. Late in the evening, no luck on his side, He came into shore on the first riptide.  
Silent scars, Drip from my viens Meaningless, intell given one A passion, a feeling That has yet to be unseen For your hands that touch me with love For you eyes that have a thousand words to say
Ignore, you will lose Tell, you will lose. Act, you will lose. Listen, you will win.  
I just can´t deal with this feeling of denial I gave it my all It makes me feel like I don´t deserve anything at all   I scratched and clawed for an opportunity for them to say no
Dear Jonghyun,  On nights when I couldn't sleep, Under a breathless whisper You told me you couldn't understand. Wrapped in blankets, holding me close
The first knock at the door, curiosity. Gold stars badges with an unfounded look of grief, Wait a minute, isn’t your job to save the day?
Before I knew it it was there Covering the outline of your face behind the glass I once polished it every night gave it kisses and spoke to it as if you were here Told it of my struggles, my griefs...
The darkness of this night envelopes me in its cruel hands I'm swallowed in darkness - sinking into a black put that deflects light or even beauty My heart is dashed into pieces each becoming lost and forgotten.
Three years later, I wasn’t prepared. I looked at the driveway, and headed for the stairs. The cement was cracked. The grass was to my knees.
   Long ago a lifetime began.     Now is highschool making come to an end   One Lifetime ago   ya'll were my happiness. ya'll were the first to call me      Breezy.
I've been thinking about death
It was just another school day, 
I’m scared to tell you what’s going to happen, ‘Cause I’m not ready to let you go, I’m scared if I tell you, We might never grow, I’m scared to say “I love you”, ‘Cause it ain’t so,
Finally the time has come to run Spring time is always filled with so much fun   Laughs and cheers fill me with bliss Everyone is over joyed and the snow will not be missed.  
So Many Months Past And The Weather Changed A Lot. Never Really Counted The Days  That We'd Been Apart. I Guess Chasing Fairytales Can Only Last For So Long..
Three word with so many meanings.
Veni, Vidi, Vici I came, strong and fierce,   sweeping in faster than the swift Venti,    aye, and stronger than mighty Hercules.
I find that I lose myself, When we have to part. Life lived aimlessly, With only half a heart.   I find that I lose myself, When we fight. Tears tumble down my eyes,
I've lived I've learned I've loved I've learned I've lost I've learned I've lied I've learned I've listened I've learned I've laughed I've learned I've lived
Because I did not die, I mourn. And I realized Heaven does not discriminate age. Three times, I held his hand. Watched him slip. And three times the gun-men fired.
i shouldn't but i do i trust i love i believe only to lose once again
Mix, Match Switch, Swap The mysteries don’t ever stop Flip, Flop Criss, Cross You’ll solve ‘em, now won’t ya boss? Toss, Catch Fail, Win Your ego is a savored sin
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