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They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
I suppose you think you're very great Standing there over so many Other buildings Even if you are not the tallest Not anymore You know, Pride is dangerous Men fall Nations fall
Always speaks his opinion In fact, won't ever shut up, my Uncle Sam   He dresses in the most outrageous colors Never had a sense of fashion, ole Uncle Sam   Always ordering me to toughen up
Humble birth Humble man Horrid wife But tragic life Lincoln, I applaud you For your sacrifice
So many poems Have been written About this man That there's not much to say Except What if he was just a normal man?
I've heard it used to be funeral music Born in New Orleans Now it's a groove We have our deep-voiced singers And low saxophones It doesn't really make you blue But it sounds like the color
Shooting to the sky Exploding out of the earth Dangerous yet constant You are a sign Though you sit on An extremely dangerous volcano Through you we see An intelligent hand
Sweet spraying kernels Golden bumps on a hard core Like a kind person with a stout heart Bite it and it squirts Eat like a baby again Face smashed against wet juiciness American fruit
All men are created equal Creator Unalienable rights Repeated injuries Tyranny Justice Voice of justice Free and independent states Protection of Divine Providence Sacred honor
We have rails from one end to the other Metal bands around the heart of America But it is an artery or vein Bringing life and freshness to stagnant places Though it brought us life We don't need it anymore
Red for sacrificial blood White for God-given purity Blue for Heaven's royalty And we are the stars We are saved by the blood We are made pure We are made royal We are the stars
We are great and strong We have the bear, the Mighty Grizzly Takes five shots to kill Thunders like a raging storm Mauls with the weight of a falling boulder Can face the river and stay steady
Thundering clambering beating bumbling Creatures Not dainty deer in an English wood Buffalo Buffalo driving the prairie to mud Drinking the streams Tearing up the grass Like they will be torn up
Statue, o woman of faith and freedom Stand as a bulwark in the water Inviting us to join The masses of people In the land of immigrants Statue, whom will you harbor?
We've had an invasion Blazing horns Glaring lights Rocketing music The city has risen Farewell to the pastoral Now it is skyscrapers Blocking the moon and my stars
Old traditions Country brought to life again We smell a wet grassy field Hear the twang of banjos and the screeeeeeeeeech Of fiddles Smell roasting ham and sausages Look at growing pumpkins
Go Team! Go go go! That wasn't a foul! Idiot umpire! Run! Steal!   Cotton candy makes my fingers stick Sugary funnel cake filling me To shout for the team  
Good day, sirs Why do you sit, And stare at South Dakota's Brilliant turquoise skies? I wonder what you see I wonder what you would say If you could really see us now
Flying over the Rockies Or Sierra Nevadas Flying high like our whipping flag Wind under wings Flying like our nation But an eagle cannot fly forever.
Oh yeah, it's our music Good ole U.S. beats The flying of the piano keys The woo woo woo of the trumpet Then we got the sax--that birdie bugle And our bass, deep pluckings. We hear it in our elevators
Warm family meal Amidst the chill of autumn Cinnamon and nutmeg Christmas in a crust Don't eat too much Or it loses its magic Of holding your taste buds In warm, soft, sweet, juiciness
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