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I love you. I love the way I hurt all the time. I love the way you make me feel like breaking down. I love it when you say you love me, but don’t show me.
"Having a Coke with You," I thought I had fallen in love with the protagonist of "Beastly" but really the works of Frank O'Hara made my heart swoon, the poem soon became an embedded memory.
Music. It can impact people make them feel. It has the ability to project emotion. Though not as much as the vessel through which it is carried.   The tones it creates makes new and interesting textures.
the girl sits in her fluffy bedroom chair curled up blanket-covered a book in front of her and she is crying, because her favorite character died or someone told the truth and it hurt
We are all born We all live and We all die And get judged By our deeds   And so Why can’t We live life unique?   By dreaming different And playing with life
to speak but cannot form the words that would fulfill my thoughts desire. to gain freedom but scared to face the breakout of war against another. yes, yes this is how you and i must feel, this is how you and i try to explain,
A day of this and nothing more, that is all that I've to live for. With my lover gone and dog long dead,
God's watching me.  I heard his voice for the first time, today. He took the form of this homeless man at a corner stop light in Columbia .  He held a sign  Said "No money, just prayer"  I knew I had seen him before. He had been there before. Wear
Who or What have made these creations? Isn't the word of God final to all? Doubt and persecution have lead to the fall of nations. Is our mind really that small?  
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