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looking into a tilted half filled cup in the dark, with your thumb and the index around the brim qualifies so much for an eye from hades, I know it tastes like sting, but something dreadful is staring
mama said to eat well and study well and be well, so i never told her when i fell down the stairs tumbling and tumbling down the bottom until my bottom was on the floor.
She wakes up in the morning with you on the brain, She washes your clothing and plays with your toy train.   In the evening she kisses your head, She tells you a story and tucks you in bed.  
She wakes up in the early morning, ready to face the day. She takes up the mantle of momma bird, something she does everyday.  
She loves me most when I’m Not too close. How bizarre How I was once innermost Far, Below Her navel- a scar,
Behold! Behold a place that’s home to those whose found themselves quite comfortable losing hope within their own self…
Querida Mama, I hope one day I will be brave enough. Enough to tell you that I see your pain  and although at times I have been ungrateful to you. You  who have know me my whole life
Dear Mama, Dear Mother, Dear Giver of Life, I was your first, your experiment, and your accident. I was your trying to figure it out, your make sure we don’t screw up the baby.
Hear my screams, watch me cry Feed me, Mama See my truth, I tell no lie Believe me, Mama See my struggles, help me strive Relieve me, Mama Give me space, let me try Free me, Mama  
This past year has had its share of drama Not to mention emotional trauma But the one thing I’ll remember At the end of December Was the love we received from our mama   At times things seemed so bleak
Taking in each deep breath in slowly without a miss, Letting my stress dance away in an espresso bliss. Forgetting all the negatives that turn skies melancholy, Watching as my sorrows melt in a mocha swirl's melody. 
He bangs the door in my face in protest. Why do I hurt them that I’m meant to protect? All I see in his eyes is detest. No love left to detect.
Usiku mnene Mwenyewe kwenye kichochoro Tochi haina mawe- giza totoro Mvua,Radi hadi malinzi washadoro Hatari Mbwa Wakali Wamekata Minyororo   Chocho Ngalimi -Si chocho Ngarenaro
You loved me before you even met me How you care for me is like no other  All my decisions, you'll always agree Always be my best friend and my mother    My life without you will have no meaning 
On The Pulse of the Morning
Or just Mom, Mama Come in different shapes But all have one thing in common They all invested nine plus months Of their life to bring a life into their life.
she brought me into this world, 19 and unsure. she is a queen among royals.  now I am 19 and unsure, and if I had a child of my own i would be stuck in a much deeper hole than I am right now. 
"Mama, it's another drought," she said
Mama I love you more than any other on Earth. No matter who came I always felt first. To you, I am a blessing and never will be a curse. No matter how wrong, You never changed my worth.
I laugh...
Hush little Baby Mamas here hush little Baby theres nothing to fear
I could say,   "Mama, Mama, Mama, come help me"   but you are so busy living out a Colorado fantasy
Mama Mama, Mama Africa,
  Mama, mama, mama Can you hear me call your name I have grown mama, I’m really not the same
Right when Im feeling high, and im lifting off the ground, you look up into the sky, and you reach and pull me down, Youre like a tick without a feeling,  youre a parasite I swear,
My Mama always told me somethin': "Don't be goin' makin' people's heart rip." Now that she's gone, left me alone
Oh, mama End me because when you sent me to ground, my lungs caved in I dug my own hole, shovel in hand, but when I looked back at you, mama, you threw me in, and the door slammed shut
Mama, where are you? I need you to tie my shoes, to help with homework, to shop for clothes. Mama, where are you? I love you because you hold me tight, because you smile and laugh,
Daddy left the other day, Left me a rocking horse, Left mama sad and crying, Left me with no remorse, Mama's stuck in bed now, I'm doing all the chores, Though left without a penny,
Who's your mama? Does she have glowing brown skin and dark brown eyes? Is her waist a little thin and her hips a bit wide? Do you get warmth from her hugs and see love seep through her eyes?
  I witnessed in a root that stood in my mother’s garden Brown burning water to mud             then dust,   Polluting veins required for breath,         for leaves hanging like clipped
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