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love is just a word caught in a world that does not exist you remind me of a child i'm in love with your saddness   you made me feel alive that very first time we kissed hold on to me now, baby,
Running down the stairs With my pink embroidered dance bag The rising temperature  Causing my skin to moisten  Like a melted Hershey bar 
Heart pounding fastly I put my soul into this What I call dancing    feeling passionate - m
My pen The paper mate black one that spills in my book It’s good to me Makes me feel open, even when I decide not to be  It speaks for me 
Flipping pages late into the night, Reading about Thomas Jefferson’s accomplishments The great things he did I wanted to do something great, unprecedented
I try to hide the parts of me that's vulnerable, If it's not exposed, then I won't be exposed, Don't get me wrong, I do have a heart for you, And I just don't want you to think my heart is cold;
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