'sexual abuse' 'sexual harassment' 'broken trust' 'redemption' 'strength' 'loss of innocence'

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MEDUSA- A modern Interpretation Poem by: The Poetic Truth Productions By Nini   She was innocent But yet she was found guilty   Devoted to making society a better place, 
Like broken glass, the shattered pieces of my mind fall into different directions. I try, but I will never be able to put them back together, precisely the way they were before. Some may be mended,
When I was 9, my parents separated, to be divorced 4 years later after strung out custody hearings and he said/she said bullshit in avoidance of signing one simple document.For the entire month of May that year, I did not see my mother.
Full of unease and forbid a quiet mind, shaking like trees in the midst of a storm, my tears compared to the rain, and thus starts the beginning to a long sleepless night.  
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