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From time to time Inside this heart of mine  I stare into the mirror To see clear  For the very first time In the depths of my obscure mind
Dear Dad, This is just to say Last January, I was walking through sleet Which seeped through the holes in my boots. My feet had been numb for two miles. Then, I thought about how much you loved me.
When I hear the song Sweet Caroline, Carousel lights reflect off the sleepy river, The dance floor is warm with people, My father's hand warms my back, He sways with a bounce in his step,
At long last, it’s that time of year for the family winter road trip. Dad puts the car into drive, We’re ready to feel alive, as we make our way south, to Florida!
Sometimes my house is not a home but a prison From the front yard it looks like a lovely family But the grass isn't always greener on the other side
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