Metal health

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It has been two years today Since I have had a fight with my then girlfriend And, crying bitterly, I entered the living room Replied to my father’s concerns And let him know his daughter was dating a girl.
I look at you all but you don't know how I'm feeling Because your eyes ears and minds are asleep  I pass by you all with an expression not believing But your eyes ears and minds are still asleep 
I became old when the honeycomb becomes too waxy to eat When the queen bee becomes a tyrant And you start to feel bad for the bees When I got tired of swimming through the land of milk and honey  So I drowned But I couldn't afford the medical bill
"Once more," they asked me. They asked with those simple words.  "Once more," they said again. The words climbed up my throat, but never left. Their greedy mental hands pushed and pulled,
 Would you cry If i were to die By the time it was sun rise Would the pain in my heart fade If i took a pill, a strong will against my name   Does it matter at this point To live or to die
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