oh captain my captain scholarship slam

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4:02 pm in the parking lot my Father can smell the fear reeking from my jacket with the three holes on the right sleeve that resemble a smiley face  
They tease the clouds and tame the hills Tickled by moss, they laugh into rainstorms Thriving in carpets of cement and mountainous landfills The trees talk of truth
Years ago, I picked up my first book and immediately I was immersed into a new world Never to be seen again, as I drown in a sea of my own imagination  
As an engineer in training, many things are taught. We are taught new ways to solve problems, to innovate. A family builds a great nest with windows that enable. The mentor I seek, shines brightest
A mother's love  whether throughout times of sorrow,  or times of glory, is all but shallow.    A mother's love is a thunderstorm,  rumbling through a once peaceful sleep, 
You have guided my steps and lit my way Answers like petals on a blooming flower In the depth of spring You have showed me true strength In the face of adversity Even when that challenge comes from
It's not often death can save your life It's not often death can teach you how to thrive But it happens It can teach you to let go to forget your petty woes because you may only have today
A letter to my mentor Who isn’t much of a role model He makes mistakes like mother nature makes the winter
Beautifully briliant voice Intelectually unintended  Lovingly rebelious Living in a world of ruins Youthfully pesimistic thoughts
My hair stands My body shakes from its cold breath It meets me around every corner And it makes me long to learn more from it It is fear.   Fear has made me want to learn more about my past
Sometimes I wonder How you can live your life falling. Helicopters and hot air balloons stop by, But you just Keep Falling.
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