'Fear' 'Inspiration' 'Judgement' 'Bully'

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The hands that have grazed my body were always cruel—demanding. Whether it be a stranger or a lover I had known for what seemed to be a lifetime, the touch was always cold.
I am from over stacked bills Feuds in the house about where the money will go I am from insecurities Big shirts and no pictures I am from endless hours in the gym Sweat and tears to be a better me
There was a tiny flower in a greenhouse It was the only flower that was different No other flower looked like it It got picked on every day because of its color Thy laughed at its size while they flaunt in theirs
Every relationship gone wrong, flashes in pans, and low burning resentments. Laughs at my questions Potentials neglected. Last minute applications Met with cold silence Dream schools, dream jobs
It doesn't matter What they think They will just batter Your mind to the brink And make you say "I hate myself," at the sink But they will pay When you're in the rink With success on the way
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