Remember Me

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Write a poem about my pretty plumb lips, write a poem about how painfully your heart is burning to be loved and to be in love. Write a poem about my dreamy eyes, you will never be able to reach the skies unless you find yourself in them.
Surrounded by quiet chaos Walking pass people, unseen A reflection appears before me   Thick and thin at the same time Not short nor tall The hair, it seems, cascades down as rushing waves
The ocean waves came pounding downSo fast, I can’t breathe so I drownAround me there are shades of blueAnd all I know is I'll miss youThe water was so coldI miss the warmth of your loving hold
It's YOU! It's always been YOU! The one I run to when my life is a mess The one that with a single smile kills all of my stree Your the curve in my smile, the glow in my skin
I long for a chance to know you again, the way I used to.. To know the dark echoes of your heart, and the pools of light that filled your eyes. I wish I could drown in your self loathing
Little stream through the woods How sad and lonely you must be Tired too though many can’t see You fight and fight to make it through And one day when you finally do In the big ocean you will be
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