''life' 'decisions' 'lost' 'me'

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As I sit here all alone in a cold dark room with tears streaming down my face I think to myself what will it take  ? What will it take for me to be happy ? What will it take for me to look forward to the rest of my life? 
When life gives me lemons, I squeeze them ‘til they’re dry.  I do it fast because they die. I have a bucket of decay, And I pretend it’s okay,  That lemons always die, And I squeeze them ‘til they’re dry 
My shields broken Someone protect me Cause i feel like I'm targeted by the navy For that I'm drowning from these chains of beliefs That are heavy Don't you get me Don't you miss me
Writer's block is a painful endeavor. So bad it makes me question my creativity and if a spark of it existed ever. If only there was a magic pill or convenient mushroom sitting around waiting to be consumed.
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