'mental illness' 'depression' 'Pain' 'mental war' 'tired'

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Silence builds an awful wreckage of a girlIt feeds on loneliness and creates a voidGray shadows haunt and torment and tortureA teenager is stricken and destroyed
My life is in shambles A destruction site of feelings Nothing makes sense
It’s an odd thing to be asked, “Where are you from?” Our mind holds thousands upon millions of memories and ideas that help us determine everyday things.
The human race is very upsetting. The gallons of blood, sweat, and tears must stop. People make mistakes they start regretting. Humans take everything over the top.   Wars against ourselves are pessimistic.
Ode to Depression  My clinical possession  That may instill obsession   Wear it like a winter coat Thicker than a moat 
Trapped by a wall of enternal defeat... Chocking on pain and regret.... Hoping it will all be complete then... Exterminated   As if the is mental warfare hasn't been torture enough
The General looked as the ground shook. No panic as we knew what is coming Face the enemy, the finest and cunning We use the silence for our drumming. Facts as spears, logic bombards the rear
You fought me. you spent years of my life tearing me to pieces and whispering to me that I was worthless.   I spent so much of my time struggling under your weight that
What is wrong with you, they ask, I don't know, I'll tell them, I don't know. But I do, how do I, someone obscure, tell them, That I am tired. That they have cut me off from those I trust,
Day by day Night by Night I can't continue in this mental fight   Do you know how hard it is? Do you know what it's about, To constantly feel like a cigarette put out?   My fire is out
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