'2018' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’ 'recovery' 'mental health'

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in god we trust can that be enough i wanna tell you im proud of you the ways you battled and the ways you grew i’m proud of your independence
Ode to Myself    What a tragic image… ​a beautiful tempest  Your typhoon​ touches my land I am reminded of the image.    Will I catch you ​before the damage? 
Hi Honey, I won't be home for dinner. Even though you made my favorite, I am working late at the office.   The boss was on my case today.
curly haired boy reminds you of fire but not the brightness of it just the burning and the aftermath and the smell of something over cooked
I was told my voice didn’t matter in a jungle of lions  That my efforts were child’s play and I should go sit with the little kids  That if I ever wanted to own anything, I should call myself the ruler of nothing 
Dear Abusers,   a being filled with aspirations, innocence, the will to live. I wiped the dirt off, used a bandage, tried to minimize the damage,  but this wasn't a scrape, more like a scar,
You ran wildly through fire. Mesmerized by the flame,     I ran too. For the shadow that never left my side,   I'd die too. Caught in the crossfire again,
there's so many things I want to say, so many times I have to pray, just to make it through another day mom and dad want me to be strong but the emotional wounds you left
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