'family' 'moving on'

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1 When I was little I was too young to understand anything But bubbles, blankets and balloons
Looking me in the eyes he smiled his typical transcendent smile, You can be anything he sang anything you want, Studying his face, the sincerity was there
Angels wept the night he took me, From where I lay helpless on the ground I thought I could hear them.  No one told me it would be okay, for long long after that day, Many looked but few ever stayed to see.
Dear Home,  
I can see the watered-down half-truths in your eyes. Your lips form textbook words; whitewashed lies, Backhanded apologies because you are allergic to blame.
For Grandma,   Although I was just shy of thirteen, impacts of love and hope stayed throughout the years. Your compassion shows for all that is good.   Today, As I grow,
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