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When the dreamer’s dream, where do they go? It’s not that field of yellow flowers. There are no happy endings in this story. To dream is to lie. To lie is to sin.
We dined by the candlelight, her eyes twinkled and twinkled and twinkled. The clink of our forks, the swirl of our drinks, the  aroma of the food. The words floated
I woke up today, I think I won.  I didn't jump to conclusions, like so many other times I've done. I opened my eyes without desire to close them again.  I stepped out of bed without desire to withdraw them in.
Dreams are your wishes that may come true It’s your imagination going wild and speaking to you Dreams whisper your desires They teach you and you learn things new  
A dream that I saw Something I wish to fulfill Hard work is paying off.
Poetry, poetry, poetry. You are far different from a tale. You are the only thing stopping me from telling this world "Farewell". Although I typically talk to very few,  you my friend, have made me anew.
I'm sure I dream every night, I'm sure I dream every day. I'm sure my dreams are not right, I'm sure they'll never be okay.   I'm dreaming right now! Of a paradise, miles high,
I found your love in my early age. It was a pass time, a hobby, just something for fun. Now as I grow you have become my life, my passion, my joy. I am scared to persue you as it might now work. I am frightened to lose my love for you.
Dear Home,   Every time, I march out the front doors of the airport, Gazing over the crowd of families, Tears trickle down my cheeks,
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