'escape' 'change' 'flower' 'spring' 'strength' 'power' 'people' 'human' 'me' 'rape'

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I heard the wolf howl we never stood a chance limited time only edition watch as the torches go out and greens and blues turn to black felt your hand pressing me down
To My Mother Momma he beats me. What do you want for dinner? Leftovers sound fine.   To My Rapist Bruises are bone deep, Your name is burned on my skin,
Dear attacker,   It has been so long since I’ve seen your face yet I feel I will never forget it brown eyes pale skin white teeth the most charming smile
I tried to be strong But strong is not strong, And crying is not wrong If it happened again I would be weak I would not lie down and take it. I would cry and weep and make it impossible  for you
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