; parents; abandonment; finished; leaving; alcohol drinking drugs

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that’s not fair.  air - i said it isn’t fair.                  you grabbed my lungs                 a   n    d                 that’s where you put them. 
1 When I was little I was too young to understand anything But bubbles, blankets and balloons
Red brown cheeks and big smile  a complexion that beamed love  you were a hero my hero  a mother and a friend  For years you had us all on your back As time flew by there was a change 
Brought to reside beyond sustainable realityBelonging to the unhingedhe once had controlhe once possessed a soulBarred skin exposed to toxinsBemused mind drugged on cheated dayshe once had opinions
Parents are our first mentors. They teach us to be good, to stay away from drugs, and to be kind to others despite our differences, But they don't always teach us how we thought they would.
  Call me anything but polite, For you have not seen my times of spite— You have not seen my abrupt mornings, Or my dinner-less nights.
Dear mom. You are my hero. Your hugs give me the warmth of a blanket of clouds. Our blanket forts make me feel like I’m in my own world.
Dear Mommy,     I love you.   A simple 8 letters, you put them together and all of a sudden they mean everything.
  You’re becoming a memory Here in this fading light are your faces Those who were once a broken family Are now spreading roots in different places   And like trees we’ll grow
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