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Today another scar was added to my arm. Its sad but I know the right amount of pressure to apply To ensure the scar wont last long. Because scars bring questions. I hate questions.
 I fight an inner battle Time and time again. And though I don't give up fighting, I fear one day they'll win.  For they have strong armies And are growing stronger yet, And I feel I'm growing weaker
I feel nothing   I'm so scared that's so bad   I feel nothing, nothing at all   not happy nor sad       Yet I feel so empty, I feel so alone  
I thought you would be my best friend for the rest of my life, But moments in between the lines I felt the spark of your fire It was warm to the touch and thawed my frozen hands
Hey, Remember baking pies with your grandma? Remember always walking around the school in the mornings? Remember leaving me behind? Remember telling those girls I hated them? I do.
What will you remember me by? The hair out of place or the smile on my face A sentence in the back of the book The way I act or the way I look?
Mayhem on your mind. When you find peace, then we’ll be. Earn back what is yours.
  some people say they love you just make you feel you have a purpose some people say they care but they don't some people say they'll be there for you but when you go to them they leave
I’m sick of it.   I’m sick of lying awake Staring at the ceiling Listening to my demons scream things at me in my head  
Dear Anxiety, I looked the devil in the eyes the day you came into my life For you are hell taking shape in the most wicked of ways And I, I have succumb to you for reasons I have yet to understand.
The Definition of Fine 
Dear friend,   Thank you for being my friend Thank you for making depression jokes to get through the pain Thank you for talking to me about suicide but never doing it
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