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The only reason why I'm here. Is because of you. You and him. You and me. I'm here for support. But what happens when this is the side of me that I don't want to show. Don't want to show. Don't want to know. Nope. I'm hidden behind my mask.
I'm in the mix of things today. I font know why you guys are fighting in the first place.... It's stupid really. You guys were really close and now because of one spamming.... Gosh. Wow. I'm really bummed.
43 poems I lost. All because I forgot my password. All because I am a careless fool. A rampaging bafoon. A reckless Hippogryph!!!!
It's inside you Not out Hidden Not a shout
It's inside you Not out Hidden Not a shout
two words than mean a lot. mad Angry Sad Why you shun out the world It does not explain Who what When Why But it's a start
soft soft soft Louder Louder Louder Louder LOUD Quieter Quieter Quieter Quieter soft soft soft soft gone.
Deeper than before. Deep, past the ocean floor Back a while Then gone. A million miles. Deeper than before
the dr. Pepper burns as it dribbles down my throat. It was a long night. And an early morning. I never drink soda but I need a little caffeine. A long night And an EARLY morning.
What happens if forever is broken by a little mistake. What happens I you messed up once. So badly that he hates you. What happens then? What happens when your best friend gets ticked off and yells at him when he should be the one yelling at you.
do not define by words Do not judge by appearance. Do not speak with hurtful words Do not harm others Do not speak with negativity Do not judge by skin color Do not hide because your afraid
tell me the truth Just tell me. Tell me. Tell. Me.
I'm guessing the person behind the mask. Who is it? Who is it Grayden Saftchick? Its driving me Nuts!!!!
is it love or fear That rules our hearts That builds us up, Or tears us apart Love. Is strong and powerful Real and unreal Complicated and simple Shakespear was right
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