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To those who handed me the paintbrush  to craft a mind of my own In a world that's rich in color, To those who spoke up in the quietest room, To those who heard me suffer in silence,
Beautiful Intelligent  Strong  Virtues gained  And stored in my  Silent intensity  -Laughter like a hyena leaving pink tongue unwillingly-  She's forgetting  How to speak softly 
You can call me beautiful But it would be more heart felt If you called me intelligent. If you let me know that my laugh is Contagious. Or that the way I carry myself is Inspiring.
If I were lost, in a paradise unfound the only thing that I would need is to keep my sanity   While others would say
I hear these songs singing about my body Every girl and every boy is judged Can you feel the burning eyes? Those who judge are judged upon Those who watch are also watched Look at yourself
Flawless perfect in everyway. Everyone wants to become flawless.
Fierce and low budget do not belong in the same sentence But that was my predicament, the low income dilemna I was stuck facing My parents said I don't need to be flawless I need God because of my flaws
Rush through the hallway Head down Books clutched in my hands Pressed against my chest. Don’t make eye contact! Don’t let them see your face. Good. Now keep going. Not too fast!
Women are more than just pretty little things; We are genius, we are classic, we are the female kings. So when someone says being smart more than pretty just isn’t right; Well, let’s just say I do get very contrite.
she's more than just a pretty face with basic taste   her insecurities, she hides them well   but they still leave a trace   I see her come home at night  
The way he writes makes me fall in love How he compares love with metaphors Make my tears pour He is blessed Especially at writing his best Lord knows im in love with his mind
Meghan was a single mother of two She worked until her fingers were red and blue Her poor children would always whine and whine One day she decided that would be the last time they whined
  Calculations to success             Shackled by deception             Faced with imprisonment             Beaten through lectures
We are voiceless. Our feet are turned to iron. We're lobbed into a torrential river Of expectations. Ideals. They say, “The perfect child is ours. “No flaws here.
  Teachers don’t work hard nowadays Rather than focus on education They focus on my grades I may have passed your damn class
Sheltered.I had no choiceIn the high school I attendedI am Catholic;Therefore, to a Catholic Ladies' schoolI shall go.
Sweaty palms and the nervous biting of my nails let me just start by saying that i hate pop quizzes  Confused looks on my face don't mean i am stupid 
I write to be Ambitious I write because I'm Notorious and When I'm feeling Glorious I write to Educate and To Lead with my Intelligence I write because I'm Caring I write to get through Anxiety
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