las vegas

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No sleep. No water. Dry mouth seems to be the onluy taste available. No reach or want for what is close. Only hardships are available. Thee isn't much around in this deserted place we call home.
The glittering lights in Vegas can never compare to home. Now creeping into my mid-twenties, the love I have for the Bay will never grow old. I never usually take the time to swim in the midnight skies of the city
The look of flashy lights, The scent of dirty money, Ching-ching, A million ways to win, A billion ways to lose,   The taste of adventure,
In times like these There's no room for selfishness In the end All we have is each other Put away your arms Put your differences aside
28 That's how many shootings have happened In my 17 years of life   28 That's how many times I've watched Faces and names scroll across screen Lives lost, loved ones heart broken  
Sitting by the pool, I squinted my eyes at the torrid back yard, my lawn chair slightly separated from the others. My glass of iced tea sat within reach, ready to rescue an overheated and dried out tongue. 
Lights shine brighter then the sky Hiding it like a shadow hides the light. It really blinds my eyes, oh my. Making everything so white. People are like a herd of sheep Lost without their shepherd. Acting so crazy it makes me weep.
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