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Heavy hearts Heaving chests Tired thoughtsLonging eyes Busy lines Silenced lips All is well It’s all normal They call it normalcyWe call it life Occupied lands
Cookie Cutter! Cookie Cutter! Everywhere I look, it’s Cookie Cutter! This color’s in. Those shoes are out.   I want to break the mold My desire is to be bold I long for individuality
Why do I hide Afraid of what they will say With their bright false smiles Why do I try To make myself like them Even when I don't want to Why do I laugh When inside I cry
​Everyone thinks that popular is normal Everyone thinks that pretty is normal Everyone thinks that normal is normal Why are we all not normal?
They say you can't do it, your brain isn't right. She just looks at them and smiles with her bright innocent eyes. They say you don't have what it takes, you can't be normal.
When I look around I see conformity. We try to be the same to maintain a sense of normalcy but it just constricts our voices. The world is closing in around us,
They presume themselves great They see themselves as masters Twisting words to their design It doesn't work that way It sounds hollow to the tormented And they can't help but question "Who are you
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